The ELMA Group

The Energy Analytics & Markets (ELMA) group is one of the four groups of Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), belonging to the Electrical Engineering Department of DTU.

To learn about CEE and the ELMA group, please check these slides: click here (last update: September 2021).

The ELMA group and in general CEE offer a very international, diverse, and friendly atmosphere, encouraging creativity, empathy and team working within the group and beyond. The ELMA group has a strong multi-disciplinary research focus on energy markets, advanced optimization and game-theoretic algorithms, AI and energy analytics. Many former ELMA members are currently very successful scientists either in academia or in industry.

The ELMA study tour 2021, The Danish island of Bornholm (visiting BEOF and Municipality)

Back (from left to right): Jalal Kazempour, Anubhav Ratha, Linde Frölke, Ilgiz Murzakhanov, Samuel Chevalier, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Jochen Stiasny

Front (from left to right): Liyang Han, Eléa Prat, Amandine Pierrot, Rahul Nellikkath, Jiawei Wang, Eva Bülow Nielsen

The ELMA Christmas Card, December 2020

From top left to bottom right: Eléa Prat, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Anubhav Ratha, Vladimir Dvorkin, Jalal Kazempour, Ilgiz Murzakhanov, Liyang Han, Pierre Pinson, Lars Herre, Andrea Tosatto, Matas Dijokas, Li Bai, Jochen Stiasny, Amandine Pierrot, Eva Bülow Nielsen, Morten Herget Christensen, Tiago Sousa, Linde Frölke, Rahul Nellikkath, Ingrid Munné Collado, Yannick Werner

The ELMA study tour 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland (visiting EPFL)

Back (from left to right): Ilgiz Murzakhanov, Jalal Kazempour, Tiago Sousa, Corey Kok, Andrea Marín Radoszynski, Anubhav Ratha

Front (from left to right): Morten Herget Christensen, Pierre Pinson, Lærke Rasmussen, Anna Schwele, Fabio Moret, Linde Frölke, Andreas Venzke, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis

The ELMA Group, December 2018, DTU

Back (from left to right): Jalal Kazempour, Lærke Rasmussen, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Christos Ordoudis, Vladimir Dvorkin, Andreas Venzke, Morten Herget Christensen, Corey Kok, Anubhav Ratha, Anna Schwele, Pierre Pinson

Front (from left to right): Andrea Tosatto, Lesia Mitridati, Andrea Marín Radoszynski, Tiago Sousa, Guillaume Le Ray, Li Bai, Farzaneh Pourahmadi, Lejla Halilbasic

The ELMA study tour 2018, Plitvice, Croatia (visiting University of Zagreb)

Back (from left to right): Andrea Tosatto, Corey Kok, Guillaume Le Ray, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Tiago Sousa

Front (from left to right): Christos Ordoudis, Vladimir Dvorkin, Lejla Halilbasic, Louise Falk, Morten Herget Christensen, Anna Schwele, Andreas Venzke, Jalal Kazempour, Azita Mirzaei, Farzaneh Pourahmadi

The ELMA study tour 2017, Porto, Portugal (visiting INESC)

From left to right: Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Stefanos Delikaraoglou, Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Christos Ordoudis, Lesia Mitridati, Vladimir Dvorkin, Morten Herget Christensen, Andrea Tosatto, Florian Thams, Tiago Sousa, Fabio Moret, Georgios Misyris, Andreas Venzke, Jakob Messner, Pierre Pinson, Tiago Soares, Etienne Sorin, Guillaume Le Ray, Jalal Kazempour, Lejla Halilbasic, Thomas Baroche, Anna Schwele

The ELMA study tour 2016, Nice, France (visiting MINES ParisTech)

From left to right: Christos Ordoudis, Stefanos Delikaraoglou, Jakob Messner, Tue Vissing Jensen, Lejla Halilbasic, Tiago Soares, Gergo Barta, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Jalal Kazempour