Ph.D. Students

[10] Yannick Werner (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Ruud Egging), December 2020-ongoing

[9] Anubhav Ratha (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Pierre Pinson and Dr. Ana Virag), September 2018-ongoing

[8] Adriano Arrigo (University of Mons, joint supervision with Prof. François Vallee), September 2018-ongoing

[7] Niklas Vespermann (Technical University of Munich, joint supervision with Prof. Thomas Hamacher), Market design for energy communities. To be examined. Next position: Advisor (Referent) at German regulatory authority for the gas and electricity sector, Bonn, Germany.

[6] Vladimir Dvorkin (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Pierre Pinson): Stochastic and private energy system optimization (thesis). To be examined. Examination Committee: Prof. Alexander Shapiro, Prof. Adam Wierman, and Prof. Spyros Chatzivasileiadis. Next position: Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT Energy Initiative.

[5] Anna Schwele (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Pierre Pinson): Integration of electricity, natural gas and heat systems with market-based coordination. November 2019 ( thesis | slides | video ). Examination Committee: Prof. Ramteen Sioshansi, Prof. Trine K. Boomsma, and Prof. Qiuwei Wu. Next position: Consultant at Ea Energy Analyses, Copenhagen, Denmark.

[4] Alexander Hermann (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Jacob Østergaard and Prof. Shaojun Huang): Market-based methods for the coordinated use of distributed energy resources. June 2019 (see thesis and slides). Examination Committee: Prof. Christoph Weber, Dr. Florin Capitanescu, and Prof. Pierre Pinson. Next position: Data scientist at IKEA, Malmö, Sweden.

[3] Lesia Mitridati (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Pierre Pinson): Market-based coordination of heat and electricity systems. May 2019 (see thesis here). Examination Committee: Prof. Steven Low, Prof. Maryam Kamgarpour, and Prof. Spyros Chatzivasileiadis. Next position: Postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

[2] Christos Ordoudis (DTU, joint supervision with Prof. Pierre Pinson): Market-based approaches for the coordinated operation of electricity and natural gas systems, December 2018 (see thesis here). Examination Committee: Prof. Pascal Van Hentenryck, Prof. Afzal Siddiqui, and Prof. Spyros Chatzivasileiadis. Next position: Market and data analyst at Ørsted, Copenhagen, Denmark.

[1] Lazaros Exizidis (University of Mons, Belgium; joint supervision with Prof. François Vallee and Dr. Zacharie De Greve): Electricity markets with high wind power penetration: Information sharing and incentive-compatibility, December 2017 (see thesis here). Examination Committee: Professor Damien Ernst, Professor Dirk Van Hertem, Professor Georges Kariniotakis, Professor Francois Glineur, Professor Marc Pirlot, and Professor Jacques Lobry. Next position: Market modeling advisor at ENTSO-E, Brussels, Belgium.

Postdoctoral Researchers

[2] Liyang Han (PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oxford, UK), July 2020-ongoing.

[1] Corey Kok (PhD in Operations Research from the University of Auckland, New Zealand), March 2018-February 2020.

M.Sc. Students

[14] Louise Dournon (joint supervision with L. Han), February 2021-ongoing

[13] Marion Buchou (joint supervision with N. Boissier): Distributed optimization applied to a pool of batteries, August 2020

[12] Louis Hubert (joint supervision with A. Ratha): Tightened relaxation for the coordination problem of power and natural gas systems, June 2020

[11] Oseze Esther Iyore (joint supervision with C. Ordoudis and P. Pinson): Data-driven distributionally robust offering strategy for a wind power producer, October 2019

[10] Alvaro Coll Martinez (joint supervision with A. Schwele and A. Ratha): Coordination of power and natural gas systems under uncertainty, July 2019

[9] Charlotte Vervaeren (joint supervision with A. Schwele): Coordination of power, district heating and natural gas systems, June 2019

[8] Makedon Karasavvidis (joint supervision with N. Mazzi, K. McKinnon, and V. Avagyan): Offering strategy of a power producer using block offers, January 2019 (thesis)

[7] Lucien Bobo (joint supervision with L. Mitridati, P. Pinson, and J. Taylor): Price-region bids: Integrating flexible infrastructures in electricity markets, December 2018 (thesis)

[6] Adriano Arrigo (joint supervision with C. Ordoudis): A technical survey on OPF under uncertainty: An extensive out-of-sample analysis, June 2018 (thesis)

[5] Rafael Martinez Gordon (joint supervision with P. Pinson and L. Halilbasic): Cost-optimal ATCs in zonal electricity markets considering partial coordination between zones, February 2018

[4] Anna Schwele (joint supervision with P. Pinson): Impact of unit commitment constraints on generation expansion decisions under wind power uncertainty, July 2017 (thesis)

[3] Vladimir Dvorkin (joint supervision with P. Pinson and L. Baringo): Multi-stage strategic investment in CCGTs and wind power units via progressive hedging, July 2017 (thesis)

[2] Nicolas Gfeller (joint supervision with P. Pinson): Future electricity market scenarios with local energy system including their opportunities and challenges in Sweden, July 2016 (thesis)

[1] Helena Perez (joint supervision with P. Pinson): Strategic ramp offering of a conventional flexible producer in the electricity market, June 2016 (thesis)

B.Sc. Students

[2] Ida-Marie Palm (joint supervision with L. Frölke), February 2021-ongoing

[1] Junesoo Shin, February 2021-ongoing

Visiting Ph.D. Students and Postdocs

[7] Jean-François Toubeau (University of Mons, Belgium), 2020 (1 month)

[6] Tuhin Poddar (University of Waterloo, Canada), 2019 (3 months)

[5] Ana Baringo (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), 2019 (3 months)

[4] Farzaneh Pourahmadi (Sharif University of Technology, Iran), 2018-2019 (13 months)

[3] Dimitrios Thomas (University of Mons, Belgium), 2018-2019 (4 months)

[2] Lazaros Exizidis (University of Mons, Belgium), 2015 (6 months)

[1] Victoria Guerrero Mestre (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), 2015 (6 months)